Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Let's Set the Scene

Although I would like this blog to be predominately about our garden, I feel that it is only right to put the thing into context. It's context being that it is a part of our lives, in this house which is at 530 N 68th st. The house has a history independent of the one we are currently imposing on it, having to do with it's being build in 1903 by a man who sold beer for a living. It is an old house with all of the quirks and comforts that age brings upon both living and non-living things. It is drafty and creaky. Arguably too small in some places and too big in others. The east side of the house is slowly recommitting itself to the earth which gives it a gentle curve mostly noticeable upon first entering the living room.
Stew, Katy and I share the space with two strange little cats named Monster and B cat.
Myself, Stew, Katy, B cat and Monster are all very interesting, but the real jewel of this house resides not inside, but behind it's narrow frame. The not so humble, recently dug 400sq ft garden. As we found it, the garden was approximately 15 by 8ft residing on the dryer side of the lawn. With hours of man power from Stew, Katy and our big brother Colin, it has since been lengthened by 20ft and widened, mostly on the back end, by another 8ft. A little compost on the top and she is ripe and ready to go with another 4weeks left till last frost. The excitement is building,  the starts in the basement are straining and stretching under their grow lights and my freshly reorganized seed box appears to be scattered about already. But all of this for latter.

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