Friday, March 12, 2010


                                          Mrs. Rose Burns photo by Stew Sowers

Chickens have been on my mind for some years now. It is not quite an obsession, but if it were, it's origins could be traced back to Christmas time some years ago. I found this wonderful calendar at Orca books in Olympia that featured beautifully taken photographs of chickens, it was aptly called, Extraordinary Chickens. I bought it with the intention of giving it away, but never did. After 12 months of viewing chickens I had grown a large appreciation.

                                           Tin Can   photo by Stew Sowers

Stew, Katy and I have been talking about chickens since we moved into the house, seeing that the yard had ample room for them and knowing that our little house would be well complimented with a chicken sized miniature in it's back. Jen, a good friend and old coworker of Stew's is managing a farm this season out on Vasion and had said she  would have some extra chicks.  So this last Monday Stew and I took a day trip out there to pick them up.

                                            Penelope   photo by Stew Sowers

The drive out  was really nice in spite of the strange weather, it snowed, rained and then cleared up. The pacific Crest farm is on Maury island, at the West hip of Vasion. It is owed by the Pacific Crest Montessori school in Ballard and is lovely as can be. We got to spend a little time visiting with Jen and her fiance Bob, who are living on the farm, then we picked out some chicks. We decided on five, packed them up and headed back to the ferry.

                                            Chips   photo by Stew Sowers

The chicks did very well on the ride home, they are like any other babies really. They are awake for a short time while they eat and poop, then they cuddle up and fall asleep. While we waited for the ferry, stew and I took turns talking and playing with the chicks and started to see some of their individual personalities come out. When they arrived at home, they were given a cozy little box in the basement with a light, food and water. They seem to be pretty happy so far.

                                           Bobbi Chicken    photo by Stew Sowers

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