Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cape Alava to Sand point- Olympic Peninsula

 The Olympic Peninsula is an enchanting area. Beaches, to old growth forest, to small bits of prairie, it is just a beautiful place. Earlier this spring Stew and I made a trip around the Peninsula stopping off in various different places. We have been wanting to go  back for a beach hike and finally made it a couple weekends ago.
 Not far into our hike Stew began smelling beer, which seemed a little curious given our surroundings until he remembered the six pack of Dale's Pale in his back pack. Sure enough, one had gotten a little hole in it (the down side of packable beer). No gear had gotten wet and we did enjoy the quick drink.

We hiked 3 miles of beautiful board walk before we reached this point where we finally got a glimpse of the water. We would continue a little further before crossing Ozette river and camping for the night.

Our first night we camped at north Ozette river. We picked what is arguably the most lovely camp site I have ever stayed at. The little bare spot, equipped with a fire ring and logs for sitting, was perfectly positioned where the river meets the ocean so we had a view on both sides. That evening, while cooking dinner, we watched a pair of river otters fish while bald eagles flew overhead. It was one of those moments where you remember why you choose to make the effort of hiking out so far.

Saturday we hiked along the beach during low tide while the rocks were covered in sea stars, barnacles and crabs. There were large tide pools filled with life, it was hard to keep moving.

This little crab did the trick after having a grumbling moment. Stew and I both hiked in our Chacos, which were great aside from a couple rubs and the spots of beach that were filled with tiny pebbles.

Tiny wild strawberries covered this rock (above photo) bathing in the sunshine and sea air.

Our campsite for that night was at Sand Point which boasts white, soft sandy beach. We chose a spot right in the sand which had it's draw backs (sand!) but with a view from your tent like this who can complain.

Stew chose to skip the sunscreen and ended up with a pretty sweet burn line due to having to wear socks with his sandals for a portion of the hike.

The hike from the beach was much like the hike in, a lovely boardwalk which ended where we had started, forming the loop into a little triangle.
I can't express how much I treasure these trips out, they rejuvenate and energize me. It is in these places that I feel the capability to be still, to not think of anything but the moment I am in. What a beautiful vacation.