Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hello Sunshine

Hello sunshine, hello blog! It is March and the solstice is upon us bringing all the warm feelings and expectations that it does every year. This morning I decided to take some pictures and start this thing up again after many months away from writing. Looking at old posts this morning was so encouraging. The chickens are not the young thin birds they were this time last year and we go into this growing season with all the knowledge of our space that we gained last year.

I have been feeling anxious about getting the garden started, realizing that we already had starts going in the basement this time last year. But the truth of the matter is that we have plenty of time. There are other projects taking precedent right now, including our new brew space and the amping up of beer production. This weekend, however, I took a brake from all of that to get the garden ready for planting.

March is always a surprise. As I ascended on the back yard, all Carhartted and gloved, I was surprised to find our strawberries coming back. The reason for the surprise is that I had thought the chickens demolished these poor little plants when we opened them up to the whole yard this winter. Plants, just like people, are hardy. We can service the winter and the peaking that come along with it!

 A couple weeks ago I had a visit to Olympia and was given a sourdough starter from a friend, ya! I have tried my hand at starting one which ended in mold and disappointment. I was encouraged greatly by this friend and am happy to say that the starter is still alive and kicking a couple weeks later. In celebration, and need to purge some starter, I made some sourdough pancakes this morning. They were delicious!